Why do we Love Stories?

Why do we love stories so much?  George Barna tells us that the emerging generation has no basic understanding of the Bible or even many of the stories of the Bible because their parents failed to teach them about the Lord and His Word. Basically, parents have failed to tell their kids even the simple little stories of the Bible.  The kids can tell you every nuance of the Harry Potter books, but knowing the story of how Jesus calmed the winds and the waves doesn’t seem to be important enough.  Unfortunately it seems that Christians have lost the art of telling a story. 
I ask again, why do we need stories?  Because through stories, we make sense out of life!  Saints such as Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, and Paul have inspired believers throughout the ages because these people come alive in their stories.  Each of them, although imperfect, is an amazing example of what the Lord can do through hearts that are truly committed to Him.
But it is not just the stories that draw us to these characters.  What is your favorite Bible story?  Chances are part of the reason the story that came to mind as your favorite is because of “who” told you the story.   
For example, as a kid growing up my brother and I would spend time during the summer with my grandparents.  One summer in particular a group of folks from Kansas came to the little town of Vinita, Oklahoma, to conduct a Vacation Bible School for my grandparents’ little church.  The week long Bible school was transformed into a week of exciting Bible stories and activities.  It seemed like every kid in town was at my grandparents little church.  One of our challenges was a little competition at the end of the week reviewing the things we learning at VBS.  We were studying the apostles and the books of the Bible.  Now, I will admit, I am terrible at memorization and was not looking forward to the competition.  In fact, I wish I remembered the names of the couple who were leading our group because they were rock stars!  All week long they told us stories: stories about the apostles, stories about the books of the Bible, and stories from their childhood about learning from their Bible teachers.  I was captivated!  I don’t think I watched TV at all that week because the couple that was teaching our VBS class was also staying at my grandparents’ house.  So, I listened to stories about the Bible all day long and I came home and listened to stories about life all night long.  Every night we would go out to the screened-in front porch and my brother and I would lose ourselves in the conversations of the adults.  Every night grandmother would have to wake my brother and me so we could go to bed.  To this day I can sing the little song we learned about the apostles.  It goes something like this: 
(To the tune of Jesus Loves Me)
Jesus called them one by one
Peter, Andrew, James and John
Next came Philip, Thomas too
Matthew and Bartholomew
James the one they called the less
Simon, also Thaddeus
The twelfth apostle Judas made
Jesus was by him betrayed
Yes, Jesus called them
Yes, Jesus called them
Yes, Jesus called them
And they all followed him
Jesus has called all of us to tell the stories of the Bible, the story of Christ’s love, and the stories of how God has changed our lives.  What’s your story? 
Oh, by the way, I received a ribbon for memorizing ALL the books of the Bible … Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus … you know the story!
In Him,
Pastor Boyd

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